Composing Music For Flashes

2012-03-02 18:28:19 by padlock916

Padlock here. If any flash artists are looking for someone to compose some music for a flash take a look at some of the music in my audio channel. If you like what you hear contact me and i'll get to working on something for you. Thanks! Peace!


Good things for late 09 and 2010.

2009-09-19 20:02:07 by padlock916

expanding my horizons late this year and definately next year. I'm collaborating with a few animators, programmers, voice actors and more on a few different projects at the moment. hopefully good things will come out of it.

I'll be updating this list regularly.

In Production

* = soundtrack songs unrealeased on newgrounds

1. Music Game Project - Late 09/ Early 10
Animator - (TBA)
Programmer - (TBA)
Audio - Padlock916

1. Un-named Loop*
2. Breaking Down
3. Mystify
More tracks confirmed soon.

2. Soft Rains (music video) Project - Late 09/ early 10
Writer/Audio - Padlock916
Animator - (TBA)

1. August 4th 2026*
2. Fallout*
3. Skiny Dipper
4. A Daily Rutine*
5. August 5th 2026*


(writing/casting) 1. Karma series - TBA